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Why it is Best to Hire Commercial Water Restoration Companies in Cedar Hill

10/22/2021 (Permalink)

a broken copper pipe with water leaking from it When plumbing leaks happen on commercial properties, many issues can quickly result. Contact our experienced SERVPRO water restoration team.

Reliable Water Restoration Companies in Cedar Hill like SERVPRO Can Help You to Prevent Significant Destruction

An issue such as a plumbing leak can damage a commercial establishment such as a motel. Water restoration is a specialized service that involves removing water from the affected area and restoring it to its normal condition. The certified restorers from SERVPRO can minimize damage and help you to restore your property to its preloss condition.

Providing fast and professional restoration service is what reliable water restoration companies in Cedar Hill like SERVPRO major in. Our mission is to provide customers with professional water cleanup services that meet the standards for excellence. Our technicians follow industry standards to guarantee the health, safety, and cleanliness of commercial properties.

We use advanced tools, equipment, and products to reduce your property's damage and restore it quickly. In commercial settings, water extraction may be required on multiple levels, including underground. We usually use portable extractors to remove the water because our technicians can take them into almost any area of a building. Our restorers can also use centrifugal air movers that hold many blades within their impeller to dry your motel. Air is forced into the affected area, increasing evaporation speed when the impeller rotates. With this equipment, we can dry porous surfaces like furniture.

Additionally, SERVPRO restoration experts also clean affected areas thoroughly. We use a variety of cleaning methods, including:

  • Wet cleaning
  • Spray and wipe cleaning
  • Dry cleaning

To prevent fungi spores and bacteria from growing, our SERVPRO restorers can use a sanitizer called a sterilant. Before we leave, we inspect our customers' property to ensure it is in the best condition.

A leak in your commercial property can damage its structure and contents or even endanger its stability. Contact SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County for professional restoration within a brief period at (972) 227-0800. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Why Should Property Owners Rely on SERVPRO Restorers for Fire Debris Cleanup in Dallas Homes?

10/15/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged kitchen with soot covering the walls Fire damage in your kitchen can certainly impede having family meals. Call SERVPRO right away for fire debris cleanup and remediation services.

SERVPRO Has the Right Equipment and Decades of Experience in Handling Fire Damage in Dallas Properties

The cause of the fire in a property is often a malfunctioning heating system or an unattended gas cooktop. Once the fire department has dealt with the situation, it is essential to avoid restoring the property on your own. Get your property into preloss condition by hiring professionals like SERVPRO.

We offer professional fire debris cleanup services in Dallas, so you can be sure you are in good hands. To provide our customers with efficient services, we use innovative techniques, high-tech equipment, and tools. During the fire debris removal process, Our SERVPRO technicians can take the following steps: 

  • Secure the property - During the restoration process, we ensure that the property is protected from vandalism and harsh weather. Our team can board up any opening with plywood. 
  • Examining the damage - Our team assesses the affected area and informs the customer about the extent of the destruction and the necessary remediation procedures. 
  • Preserving your valuables - Our SERVPRO team can identify salvageable items and separate them from those beyond repair. Depending on the condition of the valuables, our IICRC-certified technicians can clean, dry, and repair them. 
  • Cleaning the affected area - Cleaning the fire debris and smoke strains is critical to your family’s health. We can use shampoo super concentrate mixed with brownout to correct browning on carpets and fabrics due to overwetting.

During this process, we minimize damage to protect you from facing high expenditures. SERVPRO can also remediate the water damage that could have been caused by the water that was used to put out the flames. Before we leave a property, we ensure that it is in its preloss condition or better. 

Fire debris removal requires unique skills as well as advanced tools and equipment. Contact SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County at (972) 227-0800 for effective fire debris removal to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Can Homeowners Conduct Mold Cleanup in Dallas Properties?

10/10/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on the wall of a room Found evidence of a suspected mold infestation? Call team SERVPRO to assess and remediate any mold damage.

Property Owners Should Hire Professionals like SERVPRO Perform Mold Cleanup in Dallas Homes

Water damage causes mold damage as a secondary effect. Within 24 hours, mold can begin to grow in dark corners and cause health effects if the cause of the problem is not addressed promptly. It is essential to involve a certified company like SERVPRO that can leave you and your family in a safe environment to remediate mold. 

Determining the extent of the damage is the first step our technicians begin with during mold cleanup in Dallas properties. During this process, our technicians protect themselves from mold colonies by wearing respirators and waterproof gloves. For an effective mold cleanup process, we conduct thorough:

  • Mold damage assessment: Mold thrives in dark areas, which can be difficult to reach. Our SERVPRO restorers can use inspection cameras to help us locate these mold colonies in confined spaces.
  • Mold containment and air filtration: To prevent cross-contamination, we can isolate the affected area with plastic sheeting and use negative air pressure throughout the process.
  • Cleaning and drying materials infested with mold.
  • Remediating mold colonies: We can deal with mold colonies on various surfaces using unique but approved products. Our SERVPRO team of restorers can apply antimicrobial and antifungal treatments on affected surfaces.

If there is mold on your property, you should immediately get it remediated by professionals before it spreads further. Our SERVPRO technicians can remediate mold from more than just ceilings, walls, and floors. Every item with mold growth requires a unique and specific set of procedures to ensure successful remediation. In some cases, it is impossible to remediate the mold, and the solution is to discard the affected items. 

Even though mold appears harmless, it can cause health effects. Contact SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County for professional remediation services at (972) 227-0800. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

When Your Crawlspace in Dallas Experiences Water Damage, Our Crew Is Here to Help!

9/24/2021 (Permalink)

inside view of crawlspace Should you notice water in your crawlspace, call SERVPRO!

Water Removal for The Crawlspace of Your Dallas Home

While many Dallas homes offer the simplest of foundations in a concrete slab, other properties have elevated main floors. These construction decisions leave space beneath the floor for access to utilities, shutoffs and to protect your home in the event of situations like flooding. As beneficial as crawlspaces can be, these areas of your property can become susceptible to pooling groundwater and natural persistent dampness that can cause problems for both this portion of your home and the main floor above it.

While there are many detrimental effects that pooling water or persistent dampness can have, restoring these damages involves prompt water removal services for your Dallas home from certified technicians like ours. The SERVPRO team that we send out to your property arrives with the full measure of our extraction and drying equipment, helping to protect structural elements of your home against saturation that can weaken these materials or secondary effects like hazardous mold growth.

Water Damage Restoration

Removing the excess water from your crawlspace is the first step and often must occur even before our team can accurately inspect the home entirely for the full scope of the damages that have occurred. We arrive with varying levels of extraction equipment. Still, depending on the severity of the situation, portable sump pumps and extraction wands are often sufficient for removing the water and allowing drying efforts and a full assessment to begin.

The SERVPRO technicians can also offer effective services like crawlspace encapsulation once water removal has been completed. This protection covers all of the crawlspace area and structural supports and flooring material above in a thick plastic sheeting. If moisture and pooling water will continue to affect your property, we can even install water diversion equipment like sump pumps to keep this newly protected area dry moving forward.

While you might not consider the risks of allowing your crawlspace to stay moist, damp, or affected by pooling water, it could have dire effects on your home and its occupants. Let our SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County help you restore these effects quickly by calling (972) 227-0800.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Dallas

9/15/2021 (Permalink)

restaurant kitchen; workers plating food Even a small kitchen blaze can cause smoke and soot to travel to other areas of your restaurant. SERVPRO can make it "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

The kitchen inside your Dallas restaurant is one place that is at high risk for fires. Whenever a fire breaks out inside a building, many types of damage possibly take place. Many materials get burned entirely or partially during the blaze. Smoke created by the fire travels throughout the restaurant leaving behind foul odors and soot residues.

Sometimes, water damage occurs when sprinklers go off or the fire department gets called to put the fire out. SERVPRO's commercial fire damage technicians in Dallas have experience in resolving issues with burning, charring, heat, smoke, soot, and water. We often use many different techniques to mitigate the various problems inside your business.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup

When we are working on business properties, we figure out the best methods to use so that we keep the loss of revenue to a minimum. We know that missing out on business due to a fire can get very costly. We also know that it's crucial that your customers have a clean and pleasant environment to enter while they enjoy their meal.

Depending on the severity of the job, much can be done to adequately mitigate problems without negatively affecting your restaurant. Sometimes we complete work while the restaurant is closed so that we do not scare away your customers. Other times the restoration work gets completed small sections at a time so that parts of your dining room can stay open.

Every fire burns differently, causing a different scenario each time. When beginning the scope of each project, we classify the damage as minor, medium, or significant depending on a few characteristics of the burn. The classification given at first allows us to better schedule the restoration procedures.

In a minor fire damage scenario, few things get replaced, and there is only moderate smoke damage in a few rooms inside the building. In medium fire damage cases, there is more smoke damage present, and several items require resurfacing, repainting, or replacement. When dealing with significant fire damage, there are many items that suffered severe burning and charring, needing replacing of structural materials.

Giving each fire damage scenario classification helps us better schedule our work so that we do not impede the day-to-day functions of your restaurant. If you ever need professional help dealing with smoke or fire, call SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County at (972) 227-0800 any day of the week.

What Is Controlled Demolition and How Does It Help Water Damage Restoration of Dallas Homes?

9/10/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged ceiling; damaged drywall cut away A leak upstairs caused damage to the ceiling. Our team removed the damaged items and completely restored this home.

Professionals Like SERVPRO Expertly Remove Deteriorated Materials during Water Damage Remediation

Water can be highly destructive if there is uncontrolled release into a property. Apart from wetting materials, soiling, or leaving surfaces slick, moisture can also cause significant deterioration of various materials. Sometimes, removing the water from your Dallas home may not be sufficient.

When performing water damage restoration in Dallas homes, professionals evaluate the level of deterioration in structural materials such as drywall, insulation, floorboards, and ceiling panels, among others. Such materials decline in various ways. For instance, drywall might crumble, insulation can matt or lose R-value while ceilings sag. SERVPRO uses controlled demolition techniques to remove only the affected materials, leaving the rest of the structure intact.

Controlled demolition may be necessary after:

During a controlled demolition, professionals cut sections of wall panels or other surfaces based on the identified level of moisture migration. The process exposes underlying materials or creates room to circulate air into concealed areas. Application of antimicrobial agents to structural supports such as frames is also easier. Our SERVPRO teams are well suited to perform this task since we bring several tools to the water loss site, including powered drills, cutting tools, and hand tools.

Controlled demolition helps water damage restoration in several ways, including:

  • Saving time when drying a property
  • Eliminating chances of long-term problems like mold and rot
  • Guaranteeing restoration of the preloss visual appeal

SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County uses advanced approaches to address any water damage issue, “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (972) 227-0800.

Storm Damaged Properties in Dallas Need Quick Actions by Certified Professionals

8/16/2021 (Permalink)

heavy rain showering on roof Storms frequent our area and cause damage. Our team is always on call to go to your home and begin the restoration process.

Quick Remediation Brings Life Back to Your Damaged Property

When in Dallas, storm damage can create a lot of problems for your commercial or personal property. After a storm, water damage is the most common type of damage you experience, and time is never your friend after water damage of any kind.

The longer you let the water sit before calling a professional team like ours at SERVPRO, the more likely that permanent damage to your personal property and building can occur. You need to contact us right away to assist you with timely water damage emergency services, remove the excess water and clean up your property correctly. Getting us out there quickly increases your likelihood of successfully restoring your property and a fast return to life as normal.

Water Damage Mitigation

Mitigation can begin as soon as we arrive and continues throughout the drying of your home or business and personal property:

  • Our specially trained team carefully inspects your property with special equipment so that we can find the sources of moisture and figure out how much moisture remains after the initial response.
  • We calculate how much drying time is needed and what other equipment we have to use.
  • We devise a proper dry-out plan so that your property can be taken care of correctly and you can avoid any secondary damage or complications from the growth of mold.

Mold grows fast, so we act quickly to take care of the moisture in your building to stop the growth of any mold already present and prevent any future development.

Water Damage Restoration

After the initial cleanup and drying are completed, we can draw up the scope of professionally restoring the water damaged property, and the damage repairs can get started. This could involve decisions about repairing or replacement finishes and personal property, and we can help guide you on what is restorable and what needs to be replaced. For example, if you have soaked carpeting and carpet padding, we will replace that, but furniture could be dried out and restored. Things such as drywall that gets soaked will also need to be replaced as well.

Remember, the key thing is to act fast when you experience water damage so that we can get to your property and begin our cleanup services before your building and belongings sustain any more damage.

No matter the type of storm damage in Dallas you have experienced, you need our professional team at SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County to help you out. You can reach us at any time by dialing (972) 227-0800, and we can get to your property quickly to assess your damages and get started on the cleanup and remediation.

The Relationship Between Water Damage & Mold in Dallas

8/13/2021 (Permalink)

hand pulling wallpaper away revealing mold Hidden leaks can produce mold. Our team has the training and equipment to locate the moisture source and remove the mold.

The Relation Between Water Damage and Mold

Water damage and mold in Dallas can cause substantial issues in a home and serve to be costly—in reparation and recovering other damaged items. Mold and mildew can begin growing in a home as early as 24 hours after water is allowed to collect. Removing water is essential to avoid water damage, mold, and mildew. Hiring a trained professional to handle cleanup, repair and restoration is vital to the safety of the home’s occupants and safeguarding the home’s structural integrity. However, it is wise to avoid flooding from occurring. Where there is water damage, there most likely can be mold. 

Water damage and mold in Dallas share a common cause. The damage caused by water alone does not cause mold, but water that remains on and in any surface, which causes water damage, can also cause mold. This is why where there is water damage, mold can often be found as well. Mold grows in moist and dark environments. Mold spores fly throughout the air. When they find a suitable environment to grow, they make their home there. Water seeps into all sorts of surfaces. More porous surfaces tend to receive the most amount of damage and harbor mold. In addition, water damaged areas create a more suitable environment for mold to grow because these areas can flare out, warp, and swell. It is wise to open up windows, use fans, and get natural sunlight to ventilate the home. However, for extensive water damage, a professional is needed for remediation. 

Water Removal Services

Mold grows quickly. If water is left for more than 24 hours, mold has likely begun developing. Considering that thoroughly drying surfaces takes time, it’s essential to remove the water immediately. The longer water is allowed to remain, the more damage and mold one can expect to have. In addition to the problematic nature of mold removal, mold can and often returns. A dehumidifier can help to keep the air in the home dryer. This is wise for regions that experience more humidity in the air. Proper and thorough mold removal requires the use of industrial equipment, cleaning methods, and solutions. Instance, industrial-grade dehumidifiers, and ozone generators are the best remedies for mold and water damage. 

Mold can spread throughout the home rather quickly. There are some instances where mold can remain hidden to the naked eye. In such cases, mold can continue to grow. Many people think that mold is just unsightly or dirty. However, it can cause health effects.

Because water damage and mold are related, the best way to avoid mold growth is to remove water from the premises immediately. Otherwise, it can pose a problem in the future with additional water damage and mold. Water removal is not an easy task. It takes a trained professional to identify the issue of flooding. At-home methods for water removal are insufficient and can result in further damage. Contact a professional water damage restoration company immediately in the event of flooding.

SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County professionals provides fire and water damage restoration services. We are available 24 hours/7 days a week and are ready to restore damage to your home or commercial structure caused by water damage. Call us today at (972) 227-0800.

How Do Professionals Implement Safety Strategies During Fire Damage Restoration in Dallas?

8/6/2021 (Permalink)

Closeup of fireman holding firehose; water rushing out of hose Water damage and fire damage go hand in hand. Let SERVPRO's IICRC trained techs restore your home.

Keeping Your Family and Our Workers Safe During a Dallas House Fire Clean Up is SERVPRO’s Priority

Surviving the fear and chaos fire and smoke damage causes Dallas homeowners and their families are just the start of the journey toward restoration. Because of copious quantities of firefighting water and the broad range of chemical changes undergone by your dwelling’s structural components, a Dallas house can become a dangerous place pending fire and smoke remediation.

Why Are Water and Fire Damage Restorations Linked After Dallas Blazes?

The extent of water incursion and damage potential when a Dallas home suffers a house fire can be substantial. SERVPRO is a precise fit to handle both water and fire damage mitigation and remediation. Our managers and technicians complete basic and advanced water and fire recovery training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the international standard-setting organization, leading to:

Water Mitigation and Remediation

  • Water removal tops the agenda, eliminating safety concerns such as slip and fall, electrical shock, and structural collapse due to trapped water.
  • Water is incredibly corrosive, urging rapid water removal, containment, and lawful disposal.
  • Failure to extract standing water and remove lingering moisture permits mold growth, which can cause health effects.

Smoke Damage and Soot Residue Remediation

  • This phase requires a comprehensive grasp of the characteristics of soot, the durability of household surfaces, and the matching of SERVPRO proprietary water or oil-based cleaners to soiling.
  • Fire restoration involves removing residues that potentially irritate through skin contact and inhalation, exposing homeowners and workers to combustion-caused carcinogens.
  • SERVPRO technicians contain work areas with heavy-duty barriers and air scrubbing equipment to protect your Dallas family from airborne and settled toxins during soot and smoke mitigation, remediation, and restoration

Count on SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County to provide the fire damage restoration industry’s best practices for your family’s safety and your property’s recovery. Call (972) 227-0800 to learn how we safely make it “Like it never even happened.”

Storm Damage Restoration in Dallas

7/20/2021 (Permalink)

box truck servpro When wind or rainstorms strike your Dallas home or business, SERVPRO can answer the call quickly, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

Prevent Storm Damages From Escalating by Calling in Professionals

Storm damage in Dallas is a concern that a resident needs to prepare for in the case it occurs. For one thing, it can be terrifying to find a flood in your home. To top it off, it takes the help of professionals to be able to get rid of all of the water and moisture in the house. If any bit of moisture is left in the home, a mold infestation can occur. Moisture can result in even further damages in the home as well as possible health problems. Therefore, it is important for you to contact us so that we can handle the storm damages.

After the storm, it is important to look at your home closely. The home needs to be inspected for any forms of Dallas storm damage. If any damage has been found in the house, then you should look into taking care of the damages right away. In many cases, the damages caused to the property can grow; therefore, it is important to give us a call to restore your home from injuries resulting from the storm

We consider restoring storm and flood damages to be a very important part of our business. Our professionals are extensively trained and are well equipped to handle the effects of any storm and bring a quick restoration to your home. In a short amount of time, your house will be restored to the condition it was before the storm hit. However, it is crucial that you quickly act when you see that your home has been affected by the storm system. As you let the water and storm damages stand in your home, the problem gets worse.

Leaking Roof from Storms

Among other forms of storm damage near Dallas is the possibility of wind damage. Wind damage is known to be one of the most common causes of commercial property damages and other damages to residential property. Winds commonly reach up to 80 mph. Therefore, it is not uncommon for trees to be blown over into the company.

We at SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County can provide you with the needed repairs to your property from windstorms as well as flooding, water, and other types of damages. Give us a call at (972) 227-0800.