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Eateries Require Special Water Removal Services--So Call SERVPRO for Help in the Greater Dallas Area

6/17/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Eateries Require Special Water Removal Services--So Call SERVPRO for Help in the Greater Dallas Area Dallas Area Restaurants, Eateries, and Movie Theaters Management Rely on SERVPRO for Water Loss Mitigation

Drying Your Dallas Restaurant after Commercial Water Damage Can Prevent Losing Customers

Sanitation is critical in restaurants because they serve foods and drinks to many people. Hygiene ensures the continued operations of a restaurant and the health of its patrons. A water loss incident can render your restaurant unsanitary and therefore unfit to operate as a food-related business until the problem is fixed.
Water leaks can also cause mold infestation, which can lead to citations from the health department and lawsuits. Using drying services after a commercial water loss in your Dallas restaurant can prevent further destruction and loss of patrons. It is crucial to clean and dry affected structures like floors, cabinets, furniture, and walls thoroughly to prevent mold growth and bacterial development. SERVPRO water damage restoration technicians (WRT) can handle the entire drying process quickly.
After the water loss incident, you may have to deal with repairing ruined restaurant fixtures and appliances. Water can also cause odors or stains, and customers do not like dining in such restaurants. Our crews can use sophisticated instruments to inspect your building for water damage, identify the source of the problem, and outline the restoration work required. We can use various methods to remove the water, such as pumping, absorbing, draining, and vacuuming. Our portable extractors have three major components: a heater, a vacuum system, and a pump. We can use them to remove water from the floors, voids, wall cavities, and storage areas.
To dry a building speedily, SERVPRO technicians also use equipment like centrifugal air movers to help the water evaporate more quickly. We also use special dehumidifiers like desiccant dehumidifiers for water-damaged business premises to remove moisture from the air and speed up the drying process. We can use temperature, room, and relative humidity (RH) measurements to determine the appropriate number of air moving and dehumidification equipment to dry your business premises.
Our technicians can also use structural cavity drying systems, which are specialized air moving systems and devices tailored to move air through the ceiling and wall cavities, underneath flooring and other interstitial spaces. We can also use these drying systems to pressurize the spaces negatively or positively. Our crews also employ infrared cameras to monitor the effectiveness of drying on a building and its contents.
When a water loss incident has happened in your restaurant, call SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County at (972) 227-0800 for cleanup and drying services. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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You Can Reach Our Skilled Professionals 24/7 If Your Dallas Home Experiences A Water Damage Disaster

6/14/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage You Can Reach Our Skilled Professionals 24/7 If Your Dallas Home Experiences A Water Damage Disaster SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County is available all day at (972) 227-0800, so call us as soon as you have a water damage emergency.

Why You Want SERVPRO For Water Damage Mitigation When You Get A Leak In Your Dallas Home

There are many different reasons for water damage in Dallas homes. The most common culprits are broken appliances, busted hoses, leaky pipes, and forgetfulness that leads to sinks and bathtubs overflowing. Regardless of the cause, major flooding in your home is a serious problem that requires professional assistance to properly mitigate damage caused by spillage.

Our water damage restoration technicians (WRT) are experienced in water damage mitigation in Dallas homes and have the tools and skills to help make you feel “Like it never even happened.” Successful remediation of water damage often depends on the ability of our techs to quickly remove spillage from your home. SERVPRO professionals can use industrial grade wet vacs and pumps for a rapid and timely removal of water. Oftentimes hardwood floors can be damaged after coming into contact with water for an extended period of time. After exposure to spillage, wood can cup and warp, potentially leading to your floor buckling when you step on a damaged area.

To prevent such safety hazards, SERVPRO professionals can identify the damaged areas of your floor with moisture detectors and can deploy air movers to pull excess moisture from the wood. Dehumidifiers can be used to extract moisture from the air inside your home, helping prevent mold growth. When the hardwood is dried, we can do our best to sand and refinish the wood to its pre-damaged state.

However, if you have a hardwood veneer on your floor instead of actual hardwood flooring, then we may have to instead strip and discard the veneer. This is due to the thin nature of veneers that make it difficult to restore them after they are exposed to water.

If your home is threatened by water damage after a bad leak, you should make sure to get professional help. SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County is available all day at (972) 227-0800, so call us as soon as you have a water damage emergency.

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When Your Dallas Home Suffers Fire Damage The Crew You Can Count On Is SERVPRO!

5/29/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage When Your Dallas Home Suffers Fire Damage The Crew You Can Count On Is SERVPRO! SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County can put your mind at ease when your home has been struck by fire damage.

SERVPRO Can Get Your Fire Damaged Dallas Home Back To Pre-Damage Condition!

Fires are always a major concern for homeowners in Dallas. Even a small scale kitchen fire can spell consequences for your house's structure and may leave smoke residue all over cooking surfaces and kitchen appliances. These problems can be difficult to address without professional assistance, which is why SERVPRO offers fire damage restoration services to quickly assist you with getting your house back in order.

Our IICRC (The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified fire and smoke damage technicians (FSTs) have experience with mitigating fire damage in Dallas homes. After assessing the damage to your kitchen, our FSTs can get to work removing fire debris and structural pieces damaged beyond repair. Smoke can coat your kitchen surfaces in a strong smelling residue which can be difficult to remove on your own. Luckily, kitchens are typically composed of washable surfaces which can be sprayed with cleaning agents, making the restoration process more efficient. Our techs can use vacuums to suck up loose smoke particles on surfaces and can use industrial-grade cleaning agents to remove smoke residue. We can carefully assess each damaged surface in your kitchen to determine whether dry or wet cleaning methods should be used.

Residues and fire debris in your home can cause strong odors that may be unpleasant for you. Once the odor sources have been removed, we can deodorize your home. FSTs can spray deodorizers in a manner resembling how the odors traveled through your home. This ensures that the deodorizers penetrate deep into your home where odor particles may be hiding.

We are also capable of restoring your favorite cookbooks because we know it can be heartbreaking to lose your favorite recipes to a fire. FST's can dry clean your books to remove smoke particles from the cover and edges. Book pages can be restored with the use of an eraser that can remove additional smoke particles.

SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County can put your mind at ease when your home has been struck by fire damage. Call us at (972) 227-0800 to begin the fire restoration process.

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A Quick Response Is Required After A Pipe Bursts In Your Dallas Home

5/23/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage A Quick Response Is Required After A Pipe Bursts In Your Dallas Home Get rid of excessive quantities of moisture fast, contact SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County at (972) 227-0800.

Rapid Water Removal After Burst Pipes In Your Dallas Home

A burst water pipe or faulty valve can result in significant quantities of water entering the home. A situation like this can result in up to 400 liters of water being spewed into the home every hour. If you are away from the property during the working day or returning from a holiday, you may find your home wholly flooded and require professional assistance to avoid weakening the structure.

Our local technicians are here to provide water removal in Dallas and the surrounding area. We respond quickly, and SERVPRO can arrive on site in as little as four hours of notification of loss. The time-frame for repairing a property with excess quantities of water is sensitive as the longer it is there, the more likely it is to weaken floors, ceilings, walls, and fittings.

In an average working day, your home could fill with up to 5,000 liters of clean water if a burst pipe is left unchecked. SERVPRO technicians can shut-off the water at the source, before working to remove standing water. We can remove the water from your home using gas-powered pumps that are fully submersible and effective in clearing away standing water above two inches. These pumps are deposited into an open sewer point, like a bathroom, and can remove a limitless amount of water in a short space of time.

Once the standing water level drops below two inches, pumping methods can become inefficient. At this juncture, SERVPRO can move in using powerful portable water extraction equipment that combines vacuum power with heating elements to efficiently remove water and dry your home. Water extraction units are up to 1,000 times more efficient than air-movers or dehumidifiers in removing large quantities of moisture.

Since most water extraction equipment uses heating elements to evaporate moisture, it is not uncommon for humidity levels to rise. If the damage is limited to a single area of the property, we can deploy physical barriers or negative air pressure to prevent high humidity levels spreading into unaffected areas. Alternatively, we can use desiccant dehumidifiers to help bring those humidity levels under control and prevent microbial growth from occurring.

Get rid of excessive quantities of moisture fast, contact SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County at (972) 227-0800.

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Should You Hire a Professional to Remove Debris From Your Dallas Home After Fire Damage?

5/6/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Should You Hire a Professional to Remove Debris From Your Dallas Home After Fire Damage? From demolition to restoration, SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County has you covered.

Addressing Structural Concerns and Debris After a Dallas Housefire

With the severity of many fires that can affect Dallas homes, structural concerns are a common place to begin damage assessment and recovery. With the extensive training and experience of each facet of our recovery team, we can address all of the effects of a recent fire to return your property to preloss condition. With both Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians as well as licensed contractors that can handle repairs and build back, we offer a comprehensive approach to restoration.

When it comes to fire removal for debris and ruined structural elements in your Dallas home, we have divisions of professionals within our ranks to oversee various aspects of this recovery process so that mitigation work can begin on schedule. We strive to offer each customer with a fast and efficient approach to getting work started in their home after a fire, and much of this hinges on our ability to accurately assess the damage to structures with the help of our management and estimator.

This crucial step also helps to secure insurance claims to afford the restoration work to get performed, and we can take the necessary time to compile the documentation and photographic evidence your provider needs to approve this claim. Additionally, our SERVPRO team can begin work to remove overly damaged construction materials and the lingering debris and remains of a home in some of the more heavily affected portions of the house.

Controlled demolition is a guided practice throughout debris removal in your fire-damaged home. This work gets overseen by our contracting specialists. This guidance through the demolition process ensures both that only the damaged portions of your property get removed and that the area gets fully prepared for the reconstruction work to follow by our SERVPRO licensed contractors.

Debris removal and cleanup services can define how quickly and efficiently restoration and recovery in other phases occur. We take the time to do each step of restoring your home correctly so that we can save our customers time and money. You can count on the experience and equipment of our SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County professionals. Give us a call anytime at (972) 227-0800.

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Our Technicians Explain Our Flood Damage Restoration Process For Your Dallas Home

4/24/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our Technicians Explain Our Flood Damage Restoration Process For Your Dallas Home SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County is a locally owned and operated company staffed by professional damage mitigation crews and technicians.

What Comes After Drying For Flood Damage In Dallas

Calling a SERVPRO team to your home in Dallas to help with flood damage is one of the initial steps you can take to a speedy and comfortable recovery from the disaster. Depending on the severity of the flood and storm, our work may take days or weeks to complete, but that process becomes drastically shorter if we arrive early to the scene and set up drying equipment within hours of the initial damage. After that initial response, you can expect some of the following processes to happen in your home.

Flooring Restorations
One of the most consistent aspects of flood damage restoration in Dallas involves restoration or replacement of flooring materials in the flooded area. When floodwaters submerge carpeting, wood, tile, and other flooring materials, they can affect both finishes and basic construction of the material. Depending on the material damaged and the extent of the flooding, we may be able to re-finish existing materials and set them back into place. If replacements become a necessity, we take care only to remove and replace damaged sections of the floor.

Clothing and Fabric Washing
Clothes and some other fabrics in the home may be severely damaged by flooding. Most garments can be washed in our large bulk washing machines designed to decontaminate large masses of clothing at once. Clothes with more delicate materials may be dry cleaned, or hand washed through several specialized methods designed for flood damage situations.

Mold Prevention and Remediation
One of the toughest consequences of flood damage to prevent is the threat of mold growth. Many species of fungi thrive in the wet conditions created by flooding, and it may often be a race against time to stop the spread of spores in your home. SERVPRO technicians are fully certified to handle mold infestations if they do start to appear, and make the home look “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County is a locally owned and operated company staffed by professional damage mitigation crews and technicians. Call us at (972) 227-0800.

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Wild Weather Can Spell Flood Damage Trouble For Your Dallas Home

4/17/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Wild Weather Can Spell Flood Damage Trouble For Your Dallas Home Our emergency response teams are available 24-hours a day to restore your home and make an indoor water intrusion, “Like it never even happened.”

Wild Weather Causes Flood Damage In Dallas Home

Texas is no stranger to wild weather. Thunderstorms are a fact of life in this area, and they can be severe any time of year causing storm damage to both property and homes.

SERVPRO was called to mitigate flood damage in a Dallas home when the winds from a storm caused a branch to break a living room window, and rain poured in overnight while a family was away. They came home to a wet floor, damp furnishings and strong odor. Our technician immediately sealed off the broken window to stop any further exposure to rain until the owner arranged for repair of the window.

There was little in the way of standing water because carpet and padding soak up incoming rain quickly. Carpet is not always a loss when an event like this happens. The more moisture extracted, the quicker carpets and contents dry. Using weighted extractors that push the water out of padding, we were able to pull up much of the rainwater out of the carpet and upholstered chair by the window. The draperies were removed for drying in our facility.

Thermal imaging confirmed the walls were unaffected by the rain, and SERVPRO technicians set up air movers to start drying the rooms. Air movers are not just large fans. They are specialized pieces of equipment that blow fast-moving air across surfaces to cause water vapor to rise — effectively pulling out moisture that is then captured by one of our dehumidifying pieces of equipment. Using air movers placed in the proper configuration to direct moist air up and out, is an effective way to dry contents quickly and avoid water loss of home and contents.

Once dry, our technicians cleaned and deodorized the room, and the odor was eliminated. During the final walkthrough, our technician showed the homeowner everything that was done to ensure he was happy with the results of our restoration efforts.

At the first sign of flood damage, call SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County at (972) 227-0800. Our emergency response teams are available 24-hours a day to restore your home and make an indoor water intrusion, “Like it never even happened.”

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Our Trained Professionals Will Help You Get Back To Business In Dallas

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Our Trained Professionals Will Help You Get Back To Business In Dallas When our trucks arrive you can rest easy knowing we have the necessary equipment, expertise and training to handle any water damage to your business.

Strategies that Improve Results During Commercial Water Removal in Dallas Hotels

In a hotel where you offer accommodation services, the risk of water damage is high because any of the guests that frequent the place can leave the water running in their rooms. Also, the plumbing lines that crisscross the facility can leak or burst any time releasing water all over the property. Having a sound recovery strategy can minimize the downtime your business suffers when such an incident happens. We offer professional restoration services to hotel businesses in Dallas.

Performing rapid commercial water removal in Dallas is essential since it forestalls most of the damages likely to occur. Such speedy extraction is only possible with the use of advanced equipment and skills. Our SERVPRO technicians undergo training and IICRC certification in different areas including ASD, Applied Structural Drying and WRT, Water Damage Restoration, equipping them with advanced skills. We can drill weep holes or make flood cuts to release water from the structure.

Depending on the point of origin, the water spill can cause various complications. A spill originating in upper floors can cause the water to flow into wall cavities or the rooms beneath complicating the extraction process because such water can remain hidden. Our SERVPRO technicians anticipate such problems, which is why we use advanced equipment such as thermal cameras to check for wetness in concealed areas. We also use sophisticated equipment such as injecti-dry systems to remove such water with minimal demolition.

In a hotel, beddings and other linens can absorb water retaining high amounts of moisture even after extracting the standing pools. Such moisture presents many problems because guests cannot use the rooms in such a state. Mold and bad odor also develop easily under moist conditions. Our SERVPRO crews take different steps to dry wet areas after water spills. We can use sophisticated equipment such as high-speed air movers and desiccant dehumidifiers remove moisture. We can also create drying chambers using plastic sheets to accelerate the drying rate.

In case of a water spill in your Cedar Hill, Lancaster or Hutchins area hotel, call SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County to assist in water extraction. You can reach us at (972) 227-0800 any time. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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All Areas of Dallas Can Benefit from SERVPRO Rapid Water Loss Cleanup and Restoration

4/4/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage All Areas of Dallas Can Benefit from SERVPRO Rapid Water Loss Cleanup and Restoration All of Dallas Relies on SERVPRO for Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

How Does Water Damage Remediation Work in Southeast Dallas?

Water damage in Southeast Dallas can occur in many ways. No matter if the water is in the home through a pipe breaking or appliance leaking or someone left a faucet on, and it overflowed in the kitchen or bathroom. Fast action is the key to limiting the amount of damage done to the structure and possessions affected by water. SERVPRO says We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Types of Problems Can Water Damage Cause?

When any part of a property has been exposed to excess amounts of water, there is the potential for degradation of the building materials and mold. When you contact SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County, our technicians use different types of moisture detection to determine when moisture remains and how deeply into the structure it goes using probes. In areas of the property where probes cannot get a reliable reading, thermal imaging is a way to see the moisture that needs to dry. It is essential to determine everywhere there is excess moisture to avoid the possibility of mold and odors.

How SERVPRO Moves Out Water Quickly

In many cases, property owners have already attempted a little cleanup before our technicians arrive. Sometimes it can cause larger issues such as wet towels left on a floor can transfer water to other areas previously unaffected by water. When our technicians arrive, information was collected during the initial phone call that gave them an idea of the tools and equipment needed to extract the water quickly. We have weighted extractors that can push water out of carpeting and padding and methods to dry both in place. For large-size water removal needs, we have truck mounted pumps that can quickly dispatch thousands of gallons of water as needed.

We have specialized methods to work on all types of flooring, including solid hardwood flooring to get the best outcome possible from drying. Using specialized drying mats that are rotated, hardwood flooring is not automatically a loss even if it appears to be cupping and buckling due to water absorption. On a case by case basis, it can be remediated if the water and moisture are eliminated quickly. We can also effectively salvage base cabinets exposed to some water absorption.

Drying is More Than Just Fans

Our SERVPRO technicians are certified in the restorative treatments and are specialists in psychometry, the study of air and moisture. Drying and eliminating excess moisture from the structure and preventing vapor barriers is a crucial component of restoration and avoiding secondary damages. When they are setting up our industrial air movers, they carefully position them to move air over the surfaces holding moisture. This causes water molecules to rise, and the dehumidifier captures and removes it, lowering the overall humidity in the air and drying the property thoroughly. Moisture goes from wet to dry, so we encourage this basic physics fact.

Our technicians have a diverse selection of drying equipment including high-velocity axial fans, heated and unheated air movers, dehumidifiers, desiccant, and LGR types, and heaters. This equipment is used in unique configurations as each cleanup and restoration is unique on its own. Even setting drying goals is unique to the location. Our technicians use Thermohygrometers to establish them. This device measures humidity, vapor pressure, and dew point. When we are drying a property, the average humidity in unaffected areas is used to determine the baseline drying goal for water damaged areas of the property.

Whenever possible, we dry as many of the furnishings as possible in place to disrupt the home or commercial property as little possible. Furniture is raised on blocks, and if it is unable to be restored on-site, we can pack it up and clean and dry them at our facility.

A carpet saturated by clean, potable water from a plumbing failure, is not automatically a loss and must be tossed. Our SERVPRO technicians can suction the water out of the padding using extractors and then set up a specialized drying method termed, "floating." This method is where we lift a side of the carpet from the tack strips and position air movers to blow under the rug and over the padding for optimal dryness. This can be a delicate treatment so as not to damage and tear the carpet.

How In-Plant Restoration Services Work

Our water damage technicians in Dallas are trained to do much of the remediation for water damage on site. We attempt to clean and restore as much as possible, but there are times more intense cleaning or restoration efforts are needed. In those cases, we offer a pack-out service for contents for in-plant restoration or drying. Our goal is to help property owners avoid expensive replacements of items, and we always try to restore whenever possible using our proprietary methods, including specially formulated cleaning products.

Handling Lingering Water Odors In Southeast Dallas Properties

In many cases, drying the structure and contents is enough to neutralize odors left behind by water. Our technicians wipe down dried surfaces with our professional quality cleaning agents and that frequently is enough to mask the residual odors. When that is not effective enough, and the scent is stronger, time-release gel beads are a good option for overtaking the smell left behind. For larger odor problems, SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County has Odor Control Technicians that can neutralize odors by methods such as ultra-low volume fogging. This is an effective form of odor-control that changes odor-causing molecules through the use of a solvent-based fog. Our Green Fleet always carries air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators, along with gas-powered generators, for more forceful and direct odor control. Good indoor air quality is always a must for our customers.

Reducing the Potential Mold after Water Damage

Water damage in the Dallas area always has the potential to bring mold to a property if it is not cleaned correctly. Our approach to the cleanup of water, elimination of moisture and drying methods address and inhibit the growth of mold at every step of the way. Our crew, IICRC certified as AMRT applied microbial remediation techs, use antifungal cleaners to remove mold growth on surfaces and walls, subflooring and baseboards.

If you have water damage in your property, you should not handle it on your own. SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County is available 24/7 with our emergency response teams to professionally clean and restore your property to make it "Like it never even happened."  We are proud to serve the Dallas community in areas like 75134, 75141, and 75241.

We Help You Get Back To Business After Water Damage In Dallas

3/26/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial We Help You Get Back To Business After Water Damage In Dallas We have he right equipment to handle any water damage restoration job big or small. Call us right away we are available 24/7 so there is no bad time.

SERVPRO - Removing Commercial Water Damage From Dallas Businesses

Dallas businesses can and do suffer through the same disasters as area homes. Unlike residences, when a business closes, it directly affects the livelihood of the owner and every employee. The loss of a few days’ sales or a large amount of inventory can stop the receipts and paychecks needed to keep the lights on where they both work and live.

In a Dallas leather goods store, commercial water damage can come in many forms. SERVPRO response teams quickly remove water, dry both property and the interior of the building, and treat soaked and spotted leather goods.

Team members start with pumping out standing water from the faulty sprinklers or other plumbing issues. To eliminate the remaining water, they adjust smaller extraction devices for use on concrete, wood floors, and commercial carpeting.

Next, they inspect the walls and sub-flooring for trapped water. If there is any present, SERVPRO technicians carefully drill into floorboards or drywall in corners or other points normally unseen by customers and employees. Then, they insert hoses connected to air movers and force warm, dry air into the spaces to force out moisture, dry the area, and lower the humidity to prevent both the loss of building material and mold growth.

As for clearing and drying the facility happens, other team members use a combination of water, leather cleaners and drying equipment to eliminate or reduce the effects of water damage. If a coat, for example, is soaked, then technicians carefully hang it up and evenly dry it. They use air movers to generate warm air, fans to increase circulation, and dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air, so natural evaporation increases without harming the garment.

For spotted items, technicians wet the item, like a pair of boots, to reduce the appearance of the water spots and other marks. Then, they evenly blot the boots with cloths or use the same devices to dry them carefully. Where needed for soaked and spotted items, they use special leather cleaners that can remove light water marks without harming the coat, boots, or other goods.

At SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County, our goal is to keep fellow businesses, well, in business. If you have had a recent water disaster of any size, call us today at (972) 227-0800. We are here for you.

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