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How Can Flooding Affect Different Areas of My Dallas Home?

8/6/2020 (Permalink)

Standing water around a green home. No matter how bad the flood damage, SERVPRO is here and ready to take on your Dallas damage.

SERVPRO technicians can clean up and dry your Dallas home from any size flood water damage

Texas does everything bigger, including storms, and when heavy rains happen, so can flooding. No matter where the water from the storms entered your Dallas home, it is vital to get it out in rapid fashion to limit the loss. The longer the high moisture conditions remain within the home it can:  

  • Damage paper products such as books or important documents
  • Ruin the backing of the carpet 
  • Delaminate tile and cause them to become loose
  • Cause the removal of sheetrock that wicked the water

Why are the Outcomes from Damage from Rain Water and Flooding so Different?  

When the damage from water, flooding, and storm winds affect Dallas homes, each case has unique qualities. Not every bedroom or living room has carpeting, not every kitchen has the same type of tile flooring and all types of building materials and furnishings react differently to exposure to water. There are a few reasons that the outcome from different types of water loss have vastly different results. This is due to the fact as water ages, it rapidly degrades, and after waiting 48 hours or more for cleanup, even clean water gets rated as a biohazard and requires specialized handling. 

Outcomes From Rainwater Entering a Home

When a tree limb or high winds cause damage that allows rainwater to enter. It can cause a host of issues such as:   

  • Damaged roofing enabling water in the attic
  • Require removal of insulation for drying and reuse in some cases
  • Migration of water to the ceiling of lower levels 

When any of these scenarios occur, as long as the cleanup begins within 24-hours, the potential for drying and reuse of the wet articles and building materials is a possibility. In the case of a leak in an attic, SERVPRO technicians have vacuums with attachments for the collection of fiberglass insulation for drying and cleaning outside the loss area and saving the homeowner the cost of buying new insulation. 

Rainwater that enters through a broken window can usually get extracted and dried from within carpet and padding. When upholstered furnishings receive the effects, many considerations determine the restoration potential of the furniture, including:   

  • The materials used to construct the furniture
  • Whether or not moisture has ruined the joints through swelling or cracking the wood
  • If the upholstery has fabric that shrinks or bleeds due to the water

Extraction to the point of dry passes is a large part of lessening the drying process. Then for articles such as carpeting, the set up of direct drying applications such as floating where the carpet in the loss area gets loosened and warm, dry air forced underneath assists in removing any embedded moisture rapidly. 

Outcomes for Floodwater in a Home  

Groundwater is the most unwelcome of any type of water damage. In Texas, it can contain a host of contaminants such as sewage or chemicals and occasionally, fire ants which will float on each other and quickly swarm on anything they encounter, whether it is a person, pet, or piece of furniture. 

This type of water carries a rating as a biohazard, and in most cases, any furnishings that are porous and absorb it are a loss. While flood cuts on sheetrock can be a part of any type of water loss that migrates into the building materials, it is most frequently seen with groundwater-type damage. SERVPRO techs cut away the ruined portion above the waterline and ensure no further damage occurs. This can be the difference between replacing a foot or two of sheetrock instead of replacing entire walls after drying the property. Carpet is another frequent victim to floodwater as it has no potential for returning to a sanitary state for reuse and requires disposal as a biohazard. 

Items that came into contact with the water get cleaned at cleaning stations and set aside to bring back into the home after the mitigation efforts complete. 

Cleaning and disinfection is a big part of the restoration process. SERVPRO techs have their own unique antimicrobial and antibacterial solutions that are ideal for surface use. After cleaning, the techs can perform testing to ensure that the loss area gets verified as sanitary. This is particularly crucial in the cases of groundwater intrusions into the home. 

SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County at (972) 227-0800 proudly serves the local community with all types of water and flooding cleanup and restoration services. The technicians are available 365 days a year around the clock to make the loss to your property, "Like it never even happened."

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