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Do Restoration Companies Fix Damaged Dallas Homes Better?

7/10/2020 (Permalink)

"Contact us" Our professionals have state of the art equipment to clean up and restore your home so you can return safely after an incident occurs.

SERVPRO Takes Several Steps to Analyze the Problems and Find the Right Solutions

Different incidents can cause varying levels of damage to property. When such damage occurs, mounting the correct response is essential to restore normalcy. SERVPRO has highly trained and well-equipped crews who can respond to most types of property damage in Dallas 7 days a week.

What are the most likely causes of damage to homes?

Various issues can damage your home, forcing you to search for restoration companies operating in Dallas. The common incidents that leave properties heavily damaged include: 

  • Bad weather like storms, strong wind, and hail
  • Crime incidents including theft and vandalism
  • Fire
  • Accidental water release from supply pipes or appliances

Although the causes of damage may vary, different incidents may have similar outcomes. For instance, weather-related events tend to leave moisture damage, the same way accidental water releases such as burst water pipes do. 

How do restoration companies help when fixing damages?

  • Exhaustively analyzing damages
  • Use of sophisticated restoration approaches
  • Use of advanced restoration equipment

Damages are easy to notice because they involve physical changes to the affected materials. For instance, drywall tends to develop a darker shade of color when saturated with moisture. In case of fire damage, surfaces are caked with dark soot residues or layers of charring. 

Although the visible signs confirm damage to materials, a more in-depth understanding is necessary to ensure that the right restoration procedures are taken. For example, knowing the level of moisture absorbed by the drywall helps determine whether drying procedures can resolve the issue, or it would be better to remove the material altogether. Our SERVPRO technicians use moisture meters to probe the affected areas to determine the level of wetness. Since there are different variations of moisture meters, we choose the ones calibrated to evaluate the type of wet material in question for accurate results. For instance, moisture meters meant for wood have a moisture scale ranging from 5% to 40% moisture content, while those meant to take gypsum readings have a scale range of 0.2% to 50%.

Does in-depth probing help improve the outcome?

You may think that once the property is damaged, fixing the ruined materials is the only thing that matters. However, gaining a deeper understanding of the problems helps in many ways, including: 

  • Establishing hidden problems
  • Finding ways to complete restoration faster 
  • Salvaging more items thus saving costs

From casual observation, it is possible to underestimate or overestimate how much damage an incident causes at your property. For instance, without proper probing, it is hard to differentiate hard-to-clean wet smoke residues from dry smoke residues, which are easier to clean. Therefore, you might underestimate the cleaning resources you need or throw away salvageable items. Carrying out the necessary evaluations does not take long since our SERVPRO technicians are highly trained.

Our technicians use systemic to ensure thorough evaluation without delaying the restoration processes. For instance, we do a quick evaluation of the affected contents and separate them into groups of salvageable, unsalvageable, and questionable. Such classification clears the loss site faster. It also allows for a deeper evaluation of the questionable items without delaying restoration.

Sometimes, evaluation helps quicken the restoration process. A typical case is removing wet materials from hidden areas such as the wall or floor cavities. Evaluation with advanced equipment such as thermal cameras can help establish whether the entire area is wet, or if the moisture is limited to one section. Demolishing the entire area would be a waste of time when the problem is limited to a small section. 

Do personal preferences influence what restoration companies do?

Although restoring the damaged property to its preloss state may be your main priority, you might also have specific preferences that may clash with the objective, leading you to question whether involving a restoration company is the best solution. Our crew chiefs take time to highlight what steps we intend to take during the restoration while also finding out whether you have special requests. Some of the steps we take as we prepare to start restoration include:

  • Finding out where there are pre-existing conditions
  • Establishing whether there are restricted areas
  • Requesting a list of expensive or valuable items
  • Explaining the health and safety implications of the restoration process
  • Providing an estimate of the completion date

Restoring damage at your Cedar Hill, Lancaster, or Hutchins property can be a tedious or time-consuming process. Involving professional restoration companies can help simplify the process. Call SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County at (972) 227-0800 to help you address any incident, "Like it never even happened.”

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