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All Areas of Dallas Can Benefit from SERVPRO Rapid Water Loss Cleanup and Restoration

4/4/2019 (Permalink)

All of Dallas Relies on SERVPRO for Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

How Does Water Damage Remediation Work in Southeast Dallas?

Water damage in Southeast Dallas can occur in many ways. No matter if the water is in the home through a pipe breaking or appliance leaking or someone left a faucet on, and it overflowed in the kitchen or bathroom. Fast action is the key to limiting the amount of damage done to the structure and possessions affected by water. SERVPRO says We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Types of Problems Can Water Damage Cause?

When any part of a property has been exposed to excess amounts of water, there is the potential for degradation of the building materials and mold. When you contact SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County, our technicians use different types of moisture detection to determine when moisture remains and how deeply into the structure it goes using probes. In areas of the property where probes cannot get a reliable reading, thermal imaging is a way to see the moisture that needs to dry. It is essential to determine everywhere there is excess moisture to avoid the possibility of mold and odors.

How SERVPRO Moves Out Water Quickly

In many cases, property owners have already attempted a little cleanup before our technicians arrive. Sometimes it can cause larger issues such as wet towels left on a floor can transfer water to other areas previously unaffected by water. When our technicians arrive, information was collected during the initial phone call that gave them an idea of the tools and equipment needed to extract the water quickly. We have weighted extractors that can push water out of carpeting and padding and methods to dry both in place. For large-size water removal needs, we have truck mounted pumps that can quickly dispatch thousands of gallons of water as needed.

We have specialized methods to work on all types of flooring, including solid hardwood flooring to get the best outcome possible from drying. Using specialized drying mats that are rotated, hardwood flooring is not automatically a loss even if it appears to be cupping and buckling due to water absorption. On a case by case basis, it can be remediated if the water and moisture are eliminated quickly. We can also effectively salvage base cabinets exposed to some water absorption.

Drying is More Than Just Fans

Our SERVPRO technicians are certified in the restorative treatments and are specialists in psychometry, the study of air and moisture. Drying and eliminating excess moisture from the structure and preventing vapor barriers is a crucial component of restoration and avoiding secondary damages. When they are setting up our industrial air movers, they carefully position them to move air over the surfaces holding moisture. This causes water molecules to rise, and the dehumidifier captures and removes it, lowering the overall humidity in the air and drying the property thoroughly. Moisture goes from wet to dry, so we encourage this basic physics fact.

Our technicians have a diverse selection of drying equipment including high-velocity axial fans, heated and unheated air movers, dehumidifiers, desiccant, and LGR types, and heaters. This equipment is used in unique configurations as each cleanup and restoration is unique on its own. Even setting drying goals is unique to the location. Our technicians use Thermohygrometers to establish them. This device measures humidity, vapor pressure, and dew point. When we are drying a property, the average humidity in unaffected areas is used to determine the baseline drying goal for water damaged areas of the property.

Whenever possible, we dry as many of the furnishings as possible in place to disrupt the home or commercial property as little possible. Furniture is raised on blocks, and if it is unable to be restored on-site, we can pack it up and clean and dry them at our facility.

A carpet saturated by clean, potable water from a plumbing failure, is not automatically a loss and must be tossed. Our SERVPRO technicians can suction the water out of the padding using extractors and then set up a specialized drying method termed, "floating." This method is where we lift a side of the carpet from the tack strips and position air movers to blow under the rug and over the padding for optimal dryness. This can be a delicate treatment so as not to damage and tear the carpet.

How In-Plant Restoration Services Work

Our water damage technicians in Dallas are trained to do much of the remediation for water damage on site. We attempt to clean and restore as much as possible, but there are times more intense cleaning or restoration efforts are needed. In those cases, we offer a pack-out service for contents for in-plant restoration or drying. Our goal is to help property owners avoid expensive replacements of items, and we always try to restore whenever possible using our proprietary methods, including specially formulated cleaning products.

Handling Lingering Water Odors In Southeast Dallas Properties

In many cases, drying the structure and contents is enough to neutralize odors left behind by water. Our technicians wipe down dried surfaces with our professional quality cleaning agents and that frequently is enough to mask the residual odors. When that is not effective enough, and the scent is stronger, time-release gel beads are a good option for overtaking the smell left behind. For larger odor problems, SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County has Odor Control Technicians that can neutralize odors by methods such as ultra-low volume fogging. This is an effective form of odor-control that changes odor-causing molecules through the use of a solvent-based fog. Our Green Fleet always carries air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators, along with gas-powered generators, for more forceful and direct odor control. Good indoor air quality is always a must for our customers.

Reducing the Potential Mold after Water Damage

Water damage in the Dallas area always has the potential to bring mold to a property if it is not cleaned correctly. Our approach to the cleanup of water, elimination of moisture and drying methods address and inhibit the growth of mold at every step of the way. Our crew, IICRC certified as AMRT applied microbial remediation techs, use antifungal cleaners to remove mold growth on surfaces and walls, subflooring and baseboards.

If you have water damage in your property, you should not handle it on your own. SERVPRO of Southeast Dallas County is available 24/7 with our emergency response teams to professionally clean and restore your property to make it "Like it never even happened."  We are proud to serve the Dallas community in areas like 75134, 75141, and 75241.

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